David Clements, For U.S. Senate

About David

David Clements, like many New Mexicans, has faced poverty and economic hardship.

David was born into a middle-class family as the fourth of five children.  When David was ten years old, the country faced an economic recession which resulted in his father losing his job in the aerospace industry.  The family’s savings were quickly depleted as David’s father pursued employment elsewhere in the Colorado town that once welcomed the freshly promoted man and his family just a few years earlier. 

Facing no other options, David’s family moved across the country to live with his grandparents on the poor side of a South Carolina town.  The space in the new home was tight, and the aging house was barely able to accommodate the nine inhabitants it now sheltered.

David watched as his father, broke and unemployed, could only find work bagging groceries and filing paperwork at the office of a local insurance agency.  The recession also forced David’s mother, previously a stay-at-home mom, into the workforce as a clerk at two retail stores.  The hardship fell upon David, too, as he began cutting grass for extra cash while in middle school and obtained his first job at the age of 13.

Although it would have been easy to wallow in the bitterness of their economic situation, David learned important lessons that served him well, including the value of education, hard work and leadership.  After high school, David worked his way through college at New Mexico State University and law school at the University of New Mexico.

While attending law school, David studied the causes of the financial recession of 2008, and the failed monetary policies that resulted in a massive bail out of Wall Street at the expense of lower and middle class families.  His adolescence had been defined by a similar recession twenty years earlier.  This added considerable passion to his study of how Washington D.C.’s dysfunction worsened the outcome for millions of families like his own.

David began a promising career as a business attorney when he was presented with an opportunity to serve his community as an Assistant District Attorney.  David spent the next part of his career working with law enforcement to make the state safer, prosecuting large criminal and drug-related caseloads.  He also volunteered his time in the community and in the Republican Party, eventually being named Chairman of the Dona Ana Republican Party.

Recently, it became apparent that the dysfunction in Congress presented a far greater threat to his family security than some of the crime David prosecuted.  The problems that New Mexico faces are not Republican or Democratic, nor are the problems exclusive to conservatives, moderates or liberals.  The truth is that representatives like Senator Tom Udall have tried to convince New Mexicans that we are helpless without the federal government.  This has created a culture of dependency and a lack of personal dignity for New Mexicans.

Much like the opportunity to serve his community as Assistant District Attorney, David is now campaigning to take a larger role as the state’s next U.S. Senator.  He believes that our elected officials should be held accountable for their decisions, especially votes that have plunged millions of families into poverty while people like Senator Tom Udall helped bail out his crony business partners with taxpayer funds.

Believing in his ability to provide the leadership that New Mexico needs now, David resigned his job as Assistant District Attorney and his position as Chairman of the Dona Ana Republican Party.

David and his wife Erin, live in Las Cruces with their 3-year old son, Roland.

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